Coronavirus Linked To Mars Rover Return

Can COVID stop Mars Colonization?

NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance is on its way to its target launch date for its ninth mission to the Red Planet. The ninth will be the first to contain a Mars sample collected for a future return to Earth. Sources: 2

The rover’s astrobiology mission will explore the geology of Jezero Crater, the landing site, search for traces of past microscopic life on Mars, and demonstrate key technologies that will help prepare for future robotic and human exploration. The mission aims to collect rock and soil samples that NASA plans to bring to Earth for a future expedition. But the rover is not just collecting broken rocks and dust for its return to Earth and a number of future missions. Sources: 2, 8

Perseverance will be NASA’s youngest robot to Mars since the rover Curiosity touched down in 2012. The stolen specimens were the first sample – a return mission to Mars that the agency has conducted since its first mission in 1976. Sources: 8

But the most important thing that happened during the mission was what we didn’t plan – and that’s the discovery of the corona. Sources: 8

NASA’s Mars exploration program is tense, and the future of two ongoing missions is under threat. The centerpiece of NASA’s Mars exploration plan is Mars 2020, which will take a rover called Perseverance to Mars. The rover will store data for future missions, currently planned for 2026 in collaboration with the European Space Agency. Sources: 5

Roscosmos said it would withdraw from preparations for the Mars 2020 launch, scheduled for July 17. The ExoMars mission, also scheduled for July 2020, remains on track despite the disruption of agency activities caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Roscosmo said it would withdraw from preparations for the upcoming mission. Sources: 1, 5

The authority said the decision to delay the launch of the Rosalind Franklin rover was taken because the novel coronavirus could affect the personnel needed to operate and maintain the rover. NASA is considering the revised plans because there is no plan to roll back the Perseverance rover mission, which is scheduled to land on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021. Sources: 1

NASA is updating its work at home after employees at its Ames Research Center tested positive for the virus. NASA’s Mariner probe provided the first close-up images half a century ago, and scientists wanted to get a grip on Mars. Sources: 1, 3

The bold plan was for the rover’s return rocket to be launched in the summer of 1976 to recover Perseverance’s sample stock. Sources: 3

The rover’s supersterilized sample tubes were the cleanest components ever sent into space to avoid traces on Earth. NASA expected to bring the rocks back in time for the first astronauts who might arrive on site. In 1976, a NASA rover landed in the orange Martian sky, bringing back rocks that could answer the question of whether life had ever existed on Mars. Sources: 3, 6

But then, in the early 1990s, a series of events oscillated between Mars and Earth, and the rover returned to Earth. Sources: 6

This summer, three new missions to the Red Planet will begin, which could revive interest in Mars in the renewed search for life there. The three missions will be lifted from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, using the close link between Earth and Mars, which will cover 300 million miles in nearly seven months. Sources: 6, 7

On July 14, the first interplanetary spacecraft ever built by another country is scheduled to launch on a Japanese rocket to Mars. It will join the rising space power in the same month – a long launch window that occurs every 26 months when the planet is aligned with Earth. In this window, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a mission to hunt for life on the planet, will probably also launch. Sources: 7

The launch, scheduled for Thursday morning from Cape Canaveral, will begin at 7: 45 am EDT (10: 55 am EDT), according to NASA’s website. Sources: 0

The six-wheeled, car-sized Perseverance has been on Mars since 2012, and since then there have been more upgrades galore. The robotic arm was packed into a tramp helicopter and is capable of collecting rock samples from the surface of Mars as well as from other planets in the solar system, such as Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moons Titan and Enceladus. The spacecraft reached the red planet after a more than two-year journey that lasted from March 2012 to July 2014, according to NASA. Sources: 0

Persistance will attempt to collect data on Mars’ geology and climate as it roams the planet’s terrain. NASA also wants the future rover to return to Earth by 2031 at the earliest. The trip will also be orbited by Ingenuity’s Mars helicopter, which will undertake the first powered, controlled flight on another planet, according to NASA. Sources: 4

Space lovers can experience what it’s like to land on the Red Planet by definition. February Mars rover Curiosity, the first manned mission to the Red Planet, Isbe on its way back to Earth after landing on the International Space Station (ISS) in March. Sources: 4 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not available for comment.

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