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TH 301: Theater History & Literature 1 / Final Project: Creative Showcase

Political and Religious leaders & their gods
by Shawn Patrick Greene

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome



Ode to Han


Oh! Dynasty of Han, how wonderful you are

You make life in theatre better for the star

You help us stay safe from the evils from afar

The Great Wall is special, like chicken wings in a bar


Though the system of sections are not all connected

because they differ in age and construction method

it is a wonder to me that it has lasted

Your Mandate of Heaven was never relented


The Imperial Office of Music gave me great delight

as I sang and I danced with all of my might

so gracious of you to avoid my plight

when once could not perform without a fight


You were not the first, but you will not be the last

you were good to us scholars, not like others of past

You were not like Qin Shi Huang, books burning fast

you gave use the culture that would surely last


Though Liu Bang you were born to a peasant family

Your grandeur was observed at the hundred games tourney

and your conquests recognized in your military journey

yet your mercy was felt when you reduced taxes and corvée


To the next dynasty that takes over this land

please be kind to us creatives with a gentle hand

not with fists, full of indignant demand

but as tender Confucius, or as a soft rock band




Louis, Louis


Louis, Louis,

the God-given leader

Louis, Louis,

How majestic is your dowry?


How does a protestant

live his life of grief

in the shadow of

the overbearing priests?


Shall I worship in secret

though we serve them same?

Shall I compromise shamefully

had hand over all of my dignity?


Hah, Louis, I shall not faint

my heart heavy yet with fire

I will not sway from my truth

I shall make haste my devotion






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