Shawn Greene Ministries

Shawn Greene Ministries

This page is for Information on the Music Ministry and Biblical teaching of Shawn Greene. Shawn is a Drummer and Percussionist serving various Music Ministries and Bible Teacher serving various congregations since 1997.

Music Ministry – Media Ministry – Bible Teaching – Prophesy

It’s been quite a journey in the Faith since I was a child. I grew up in Protestant churches, primarily Pentecostal in nature. I focus more on what is written in the Holy Bible, but also do a lot of research on various topics using many sources. I love worshiping God through music. I intend to post more thoughts and studies on my website.

Teacher and Prophet at Shawn Greene Ministries: Webpage | Facebook

Podcast Host and Producer at The Shawn P Greene Show and The Bread Unlimited Podcast.

Drummer/Percussionist, Social Media Manager, and Media Producer for Bread of Life Church, Buffalo: Website | Facebook / Twitter / Instagram @bolbuffalo

Founder and Executive Director for Great Lakes Christian Film Festival: Website | Facebook / Twitter @glcff

Born April 18, 1971, I was raised in a non-denominational, charismatic church in the 1970s and 1980s in Buffalo, New York. I attended youth group in an Assemblies of God and was part of the youth choir. After high school graduation in 1989 I joined the US Navy and travelled to many countries in Asia in addition to Australia. During this time I was on a spiritual journey of truth, exploring non-Christian religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age, and Islam, After getting my honorable discharge from active duty, I moved to Florida in 1993.

In April 1996, while lost and away from God, I heard his voice clearly the phrase “It’s Time!” It wasn’t clear until returning to an Assemblies of God church, and being discipled that I understood that to mean, it was time to return to him. During my 10 years serving at this church, I was serving as a ministry leader to middle school age boys and singles. I was also in the choir and played the drums with the worship team. In addition I was in the sound/media ministry as the sound board operator and video camera operator.

In 2010, God directed me to return to Buffalo and serve in a small non-denominational church, where I served as youth leader, bible study teacher, drummer, camera operator, and social media content manager. I created many evangelistic events within the church, including a quarterly Christian Hip Hop concert series (2011-2016), and a Christian Film Festival (2015-present). I have been a Christian Music Promoter and radio host from 2003-2016, created an internet radio station in 2004, and an organization of Christian DJs (2008). I currently produce a podcast for my local church.

My gifts are teaching, exhortation, administration and evangelism.