My Projects

Those of you who know me have seen me with a camera at just about every thing I do. Whither it was my JVC Super VHS camcorder, my Canon T5 DSLRs, or my various cell phones, I was always trying to capture the moments on film. I am currently converting my VHS tapes to digital, uploading some of them to my YouTube or Vimeo accounts.

I’ve also created several podcasts throughout the new millennium, just trying to entertain and inform. I even recorded some audio and video clips of me working at my first radio gig in 1999.

I like to mess around with filmmaking and podcasting as hobbies. Sometimes I do great work, other times? MEH! For me, it’s all about the journey of being creative and trying new things. Going back to college gave me more structure and discipline to hone my craft. Competing in film competitions also gave me more focus on creating a better product. Below are some links to some of my passion projects.

FilmsPodcastsStuff at UB – Misc


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