Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project

Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project

My participation in this fantastic event

Every year since 2017 I’ve been participating in the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project in August. I’ve worked with some amazing people on different teams every year. The first three years I’ve worked with female directors, and enjoyed every minute of it with each of them. Each has a unique style of directing and each has a different background.

My first year I worked with Danielle Morgera’s Team on the project Mr. Imagination, co-starring as the character Mercury, assistant to Doughy Joe (Cameron Daboin). It was such a fun experience working with them, and was blessed to have father a part of it, while he was visiting from Florida. He had no idea what he was getting into. Our team won the “Spirit of the 48” Award.

The second year, in 2018, I worked with Ekaete Obot Bailey’s team, where I played an evil spirit in Sliced, opposite an angel, played by Khisha Laguerre-Arnold. Both of us spirit beings were unseen by Ekaete’s character, and were battling for her mind. The team got nominated for “best use of line.”

The cinematographer was a good friend of mine, and just happens to be the director’s husband. I loved having a chance to work with him again. The project was nominated for an award for best use of line. I also acted in one of Carl’s projects, currently in pre-production, and worked with him during the 2018 Great Lakes Christian Film Festival.

During the Award ceremony of the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project, November 2018, I interviewed and recorded at the event as part of my Journalism class that semester. Here’s the article. I finished the class with an “A”. Over the years I’ve had the privileged of meeting and running into may great people from this event. It is always a pleasure to work with everyone throughout the year.

In 2019, I worked with first-time participant, Deysha Johnson, playing the lead role as the Father of my co-star, a 7-year-old girl, who played the character Lily. Our team was nominated for “Best Editing,” “Best Use of Prop,” and is in the Top 10 overall. Award show is September 12th. Here’s the full short for the 2019 Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project: LAI


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