While We Were Waiting (2018)

On September 15, 2018, I was a background actor, or as we say it in the business, an “EXTRA” for a film that came to Buffalo. I’ve been on several sets over the years and I usually get bored waiting for screen time for our 15 seconds of fame. We could be in the holding area for hours, but most production companies at least pay you for your time. We’ll, this day, I decided to be creative.

In between takes of the scenes they wanted us for, I convinced the other extras to do a skit with me. I used my cellphone, a ZTE Z983 Cricket Android Phone. It usually takes good video but for some reason the audio was a little off track on a few shots. I edited it in Adobe Premiere Elements in a few hours and did what I could for the audio. I might keep working on it in post a little more before possibly using it as a film fest entry, but for now, here’s the raw edit.

While We Were Waiting (2018) short film: Romantic Comedy meets Mocumentary of Extras waiting for their 15 seconds of fame.

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