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I’ve always had a desire to perform on film, and somewhat on stage. My first real taste of the stage was performing in my church as in the youth choir, getting some opportunities to sing solos and duets, as well as, speaking roles. Later, my best friend at the time convinced me to try out for the high school musicals (Annie, Grease). At this point the only tryouts I attended were for sports, specifically football and track. I went for it during my junior and senior years and did not get any speaking parts. Maybe because I was still too cool to be a performer. I did however get to enjoy the exhilarating adrenaline rush of the crowds response to the performances. From that point on, I was hooked.

However, after graduating, I went into the US Navy and drifted from the stage. My next adventure was documentary filmmaking. While in San Diego where I was stationed, I bought a video camera and began filming and narrating my adventures. Little did I know I would use some of that footage to make a short doc for a class at UB (click to see video Serious Service (2019)).

My Acting career didn’t officially start until 2009 in New York City, when I was cast as an extra for an independent film called White Irish Drinkers (2010) and some smaller projects throughout Manhattan. I decided to go for it and began building my resume through all the experiences I could get. The odd thing was I’ve done so mostly in Buffalo, New York. Less than a year of working in NYC I moved back to my hometown, with no idea how I would be able to sustain an acting career.

For several years there wasn’t any work, but as 2013 came around, more opportunities came to Buffalo and I began to plug in. I’ve done a few Films, both independent and big budget in various roles. I’ve also had the privileged to return to stage acting in some local Plays.

In 2018, I’ve paused my pursuit of Acting to complete my BA in Media Studies, with a minor in Theater [ read my article on Why I Am Returning to College Now? @shawnpgreene ]. In 2021, I completed my BA with a 3.76 GPA.

As of late, projects I have been working on have been in the producer/director functions. View my IMDb page ].