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Fudge Witless News and independent news reporting entity and providing coverage of news from South Buffalo, New York and the surrounding area, by Shawn Patrick Greene, aka, FUDGE.

#FudgeWitlessNews @ShawnPGreene

Some other reports:

South Buffalo Car Crashes (10-27-2019)

South Buffalo Car Crash (04-11-2017)

South Buffalo Meth Bust (11/20/2017)

Fire on South Park (06-14-2017)

Snowvember 2014

Waiting for Plows! Snowvember 2022, South Buffalo, NY

Buffalo’s “Bomb Cyclone” Blizzard (2022)

FWN or Fudge Witless News covers many current events topics, sometimes serious, but often times cynical. This is a compliment page to the original “FudgeWitlessNews” FB page.
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