#Snowvember 2014 [one year later] @ShawnPGreene

What a difference a year makes. Last November 17, 2014 in Buffalo, NY we got hammered with some crazy Lake Effect Snow that brought us 5 to 8 feet of snow in one night. On the evening of Nov 17th, the flurries were in a hurry and piled up quick over night dropping 4 foot of snow the first 12 hours in South Buffalo. Downtown Buffalo and northward had almost nothing as a result of the first wave of blizzard like conditions.


I began documenting the immediate impact the snow had on us as I travelled via sled to the local grocery store for food and supplies.

I captured some footage of the cleanup and some reactions from the locals as they endured over 4 days with a driving ban throughout the region. Some videos are still to be uploaded but will soon be released for Throwback Thursday!



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