These are the Days of Elijah, but where are the Prophets of God?

These are the Days of Elijah, but where are the Prophets of God?

by Shawn Patrick Greene @ShawnPGreene |

When John the Baptist (as the King James refers to the title of the cousin of Jesus) arrived on the scene yelling at people to repent and baptizing Jews to prepare the way of the Kingdom of God, many religious leaders, some known as Pharisees, questioned his ministry. People questioned if he was possibly the prophet Elijah returning to earth. He did such great works in his day he gained quite a reputation for being unorthodox and fearless to spiritual authority. Of course this didn’t sit well with the leaders and men of influence, as it threatened compliance to “The Law”. Certainly Jesus disrupted their plans even further with His proclamation of His Heavenly Kingship, thus a public display of His crucifixion.


So where are the modern day men of God, who disrupt man-made religion, capital gains, and rule over the people? Living in America, it is very difficult to see anyone who not only speaks their mind on Godly principles, but also move in such power as to change the atmosphere of an entire nations government. I can see looking in the past that some men in the 20th Century have had that type of impact. People like Martin Luther King, Jr stands out as the icon of such a topic. Although many can question some of his past as less than perfect, he demonstrated a power from God that pierced Governments on all levels throughout the entire USA.


So where are the Elijah’s now?

Is he [Are they] still in the desert? Sure we have many people claiming to be prophets, but, who really is so sold out for God that they will do anything He requires of them, including speaking out against unethical laws passed by selfish governing officials? I see and hear many prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists, etc, speaking via online, television, radio, and other media, to speak on some of these issues. Some refrain from speaking too much information on networks so they don’t lose programming privileges or sponsors. Is this how Elijah will act when he comes back? Will he compromise his message to have a safe ministry and avoid losing his family, business, or freedom? When will real fire return and come down to burn the offerings to baal?

I am looking for answers from God’s people. Yes, THIS is the Word that God has laid on my heart. I believe God is looking for His people to really rise up, take authority over false doctrines, selfish laws, and demonic influence, and regain His position in pop culture as the most relevant topic trending.

  * this letter was submitted to the website as a Word of Prophesy, on Wednesday November 12, 2014.

One thought on “These are the Days of Elijah, but where are the Prophets of God?

  1. The answers to your questions are out there as Jesus said there are identifying marks of the true faith:

    One of the key things is “they will have love among themselves” we note that these ones would not love the world but would love one another as Christ loved his congregation, ready to make sacrifices and die for each other.

    They would show love of neighbour;

    They would preach the Good News of Gods Kingdom

    They would help people find truth in Gods Word.

    These people are hidden in plain sight – hated or ridiculed by many but still attracting people to the Kingdom message.

    My suggestion is pray about this and then see who calls or who you meet in the street, on the highway in plain view discussing God’s purpose for humanity. I know you’ll be surprised but it is worth listening.

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