#Snowvember Storm 2014


The Wall photograph “Snowvember Storm” by David Niedbala

Those of us from Buffalo, New York remember the wild snowfall during the 2014 pre-Thanksgiving festivities. Western New York got hit hard by snow November 18-20, 2014 with 5 to 7 feet of snow. The nickname for the #Snowvember2014 storm was “The Knife” because of the shape of the area where the snow fell in South Buffalo through to Batavia, was in like a pointy danger [1]. Viewing the storm from the north of the City of Buffalo to the South was a literal “WALL” of snow dividing downtown from the south towns along Interstate 190.

South Buffalo by Sarah Soper

The lake-effect storm even caused some deaths and severe damage to several buildings [2]. The thruway was closed and some cars were abandoned there, while some people remain stranded in their vehicles until they were dug out. Some games where postponed as a result, like the hockey team Buffalo Sabres and college teams at University at Buffalo. Even the November 23 football game between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills was postponed by the National Football League and moved to Detroit on Monday Night the 24th [3]. Clean up throughout the region took time as some streets weren’t even cleared for and additional 3 days. (more details on Wikipedia [4])

I take a journey that Tuesday afternoon to get supplies from the store after 4 pm. Here’s a video of me getting ready at my apartment in South Buffalo to go to Tops 3 blocks away in 4 foot of snow:

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