New Podcast in 2022

After a long hiatus from podcasting, due to college at University at Buffalo, I returned to creating a new podcast called The Shawn P Greene Show. I had some episodes produced in 2019 but due to the work load in school I decided to wait until I finished my degree in December 2021. More on that on another post.

One day, February 16, 2022, I just felt like starting it up, with no show prep, no idea what the premise would be, or if guest would be involved. I did my first broadcast that day at 10 AM (EST) and have decided to make it a regular occurrence Mondays through Friday for the time being. So far so good. The first month featured a few guests, but I mostly made commentary on current events. One week later, Putin invades Ukraine. Coincidence? I don’t think so. He’s just jealous, and couldn’t stand to see me get any attention. At least he gave me some talking points.

Anyways, Here’s what happened the first week Feb 16-18.


Here are past episodes from 2019:







One thought on “New Podcast in 2022

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Cryss and I would love to be guests on your show one day. Let us know and good luck!

    Thank you,

    Kimberly White-Lopez


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