Brad William Henke, passed away at age 56

The “Orange is the New Black” star passed away this week.

Brad William Henke, a former football player and well known actor, passed away Tuesday November 29, 2022, peaceably in his sleep, according to Fox News Digital. He was 56 year old. Far too young as far as I am concerned. I was honored to have had a moment with Henke on the street in Buffalo in the summer of 2017, after our film shoot in Cold Brook.

Henke played a prison guard named Desi Piscatella on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black during seasons four and five of the series. He was among the series’ co-stars to be awarded with the Screen Actors Guild Award for best cast in a comedy in 2016.

Shawn Greene with Brad Henke, on Delaware and Chippewa in Buffalo, NY, in 2017.


In 2017, William Fichtner and Kim Coates came to Buffalo to filmed their movie Cold Brook (2018). I was honored to have been cast as a feature extra, as a security guard, in a scene shot in the Buffalo History Museum, with both Fichtner and Coates on set. Also on set was Henke, plus several other of my fellow Buffalo actors, including Michael Dugan and my former shipmate Alan Pietruszewski. Unfortunately my on-screen time in Cold Brook was on the cutting floor at the time of the release.

My moments shared with Brad were minimal, but impactful, and a great memory for my life story. He was always pleasant and a blast to watch in action.

(Entertainment Tonight) Brad William Henke, Orange Is the New Black Star, Dead at 56

Brad’s Instagram:

Cold Brook Trailer


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