60 Seconds (2022)

Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project
Team: BMVM/Too Much Bull
Title: 60 Seconds
Genre: Thriller/Suspense or Time Travel
Film Date: August 26-28, 2022
Location: St Mary’s High School, Lancaster, NY

Required Elements
Character: Ellen or Elton MacTigue, Tourism Specialist
Prop: an ID card
Line: “Wait. What time is it?”

Logline: A Christian Gen X-er, whose faith was shaken by tragedy in his teens, is given one minute to fix a deadly mistake he made in high school.

Nominated for Best Use of Prop and Best Actor (Mark Tramont)

Honorable Mention BMVM/Too Much Bull “60 Seconds”

Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project

Second chances may only come once in a lifetime

“60 Seconds” (2022) trailer #Buffalo48 #48HFP @ShawnPGreene https://youtu.be/RXUtpbkFKP0 via @YouTube


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