Trump: Game Violence is Responsible For School Shooting

After the shooting at Parkland High School in Florida, U.S. President Trump held a meeting on campus security at the White House. During the meeting, Trump said game violence should be partly responsible for campus shootings.


The president also meant that he intended to introduce measures to regulate the games and movies children see, Trump said; “We have to focus on the Internet, because many of the bad things are happening among adolescents, affecting their thinking, We have to do something about what they might think and what they think, as well as video games, and I’ve heard that more and more people say the level of violence in video games has affected people’s minds, and even further to movies, You look at those films, how violent, children in addition to sexual things can see everything, even if it contains the killings, perhaps we need to customize a classification system.

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We do not know whether Trump will take any legislative action in this regard, but it is not the first time games have been violent, just as Trump himself posted in 2012 after shooting at Sadie Hook Primary School himself Violence and praise for game violence must be stopped, it is making monsters, and Twitter is also being echoed by other politicians, including the governor of Kentucky, who also mentioned in last week’s interview that game violence may be reduced Disdain for the precious value of life, the game industry has staged this scapegoat countless times in the last ten years, dismissing the responsibility that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the lax gun-management act have taken on.

The last case of attempting to regulate violence in the game was initiated by Democrat MP Leland Yee in 2005 in an attempt to criminalize the sale of violent games to minors but was found guilty of crimes committed at ESA (American Entertainment Software Association) and EMA (American Chamber of Commerce) Other organizations did not take effect, the legislative action was eventually terminated by the High Court of the United States in violation of the First Amendment Constitution.

Whether a game should pay for a violent crime is bound to be a complicated issue that is worth tasting the whole society.

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US President Trump: Game violence is responsible for school shooting


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