Super Crazy Gamers Fly To Syria, Attack ISIS #FudgeWitlessNews


Modern kids should have played shooting games, right? The game has been evolving, quality, feeling, gameplay also try to be close to reality, did not expect to be so trained in Syria with ISIS really fighting a warrior. When interviewed, he said he will survive because of the gameplay skills he had previously learned from “The Moment of Winning.” John Duttenhofer, a Colorado-based gamer, joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Units -YPG (Peoples Protection Unit) in April last year and was sent to Syria in October.

When interviewed by the media Dailymail, he said he used to play 13-hour shooter games every day. He understands under what circumstances he can survive and he knows the differences and usages of various weapons. He said the skills gained in these games allowed him to survive on the battlefield of the past six months and said: “My mum tried to persuade me to stay, but she knew the more I forced me to go, And I’m not even ready to go. Actually, I am a little selfish trying to fight ISIS, but at the same time, I also want to participate in a heart-breaking opportunity in history, and I am not afraid of death. “

The first time he used the AK 47 on the battlefield, he said that what he learned in the game really helped. He said: “Playing games to train me some combat skills and how to be less likely to be killed , Like saying how to hide, what kind of place is the most dangerous.I was playing the game, did not think I will go to the battlefield, just after class with friends to play, can play 13 hours a day do not think so.



GAMERS Continued —-

Duttenhofer stayed there for six months, returning to the United States in February. The reason for coming back was because Jack Holmes, a 24-year-old British comrade in arms was killed on the battlefield. Afterwards he went to Europe and returned to the United States after attending his friend’s funeral. Duttenhofer said he was a bit “disappointed” that he did not “kill any terrorists” himself, but on this trip he said: “I have no regret that ISIS was horrified than the Nazis. They just wanted to get the world back into darkness. I do not want Stay with them in the same world. ”

After returning home, he said, “I do not think I have changed, I am still the same, I am not strong or what, but I hope I have become more intelligent because I was very dissatisfied with the daily life of getting up to work , I think I really did not do what.This is really two completely different world, I was fighting there, I use all of mine.Now I come back, I just want to have a good life , Cherish and enjoy everything. ”



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