Women Marry Their Sons After Rich Husbands Die #Polygamy #FudgeWitlessNews

Just published yesterday on an Asian website: In Cameroon, the richest men can marry dozens of wives and dozens of children. After their deaths, their sons inherit ther fortune, including their own mothers as wives.

In fact, the wife also has the right of choice, if the father’s wife is unwilling to be inherited by his son, the son can not be forced to inherit. Often, however, his wife’s wife agrees that in Cameroon, there are very few second marriage women. And in this place, only wealthy men have the ability to marry multiple wives, so there are not many polygamous families.

In many African countries there are two types of marriage certificates, polygamy marriage certificates and monogamy marriage certificates. Some children do not even recognize themselves. Every wife lives in a house with her own children. Too many children, my father did not have time to take care of children. African countries, like Cameroon have many strange marriage customs, for example, after his father’s death, his son can inherit his property. Because polygamy is legal in Cameroon, many men have many wives, so that after their death their wives are inherited by their sons as property.

Photo retrieved from Polygamy.com

Nowadays, we all advocate the system of monogamy. That is, a man can only marry a wife. In fact, the system of polygamy still exists in some parts of Africa and some other cultures such as the Mormons, largely populated in the state of Utah in United States of America. The polygamy was called back in the 19th century by the Mormons as “plural marriage” and the modern; today’s fundamentalists are calling it “the Principle”. The polygamy was taught almost more than 1/2 of the 19th century by the leaders of the LDS Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). And everything was practiced publicly from 1852 up until the year 1890.

Sister Wives on TLC

Along with all that the US federal government has taken a lot of actions against polygamy. The actions that were taken are dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Here are some of the most important actions that were taken against the mormons polygamy: Allegedly, LDS Prophet John Taylor gave the “keys” (symbolic authority) of performing Celestial plural sealings to a small group of trusted men.

1857-1858 Utah War
1862 Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act
1882 Edmunds Act
1887 Edmunds-Tucker Act
1890 Manifesto banning plural marriage

Currently, Mormonism does not practice polygamy “officially” but never claimed that practicing it is wrong, or practicing it in a very large number in the past is wrong. The LDS are saying that polygamy is a practice which was commanded by God, with the help of the living prophets while simultaneously being forbidden by God via prophets. I smell a new reality show spinoff, mimicking the TLC show “Sister Wives” called “The Real Mother Wives of Cameroon”.

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