2019 Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project

This year’s Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project, I worked with a new team. Assembled by Deysha Johnson, the team worked on the film titled LAI. The film was mostly shot in Niagara Falls, New York. I was part of a cast of four. A young girl Elena Rocco, who played Lily, Myself as the father, Sophia Hooven as the mother, and Patrick Murray as Detective Stu Denim (the character that was an element of the films this year. Other required elements for the film were Required Elements: Prop: headphones or earbuds and Line: “Introduce me to your friend.” Our team received nominations for “Best Use of Prop,” “Best Editing,” and was ranked in the Top 10 overall, out of 30 films. The Awards show in September 12, 2019 so we await the results.



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