End of Year Two at UB #OldSchool

Finished Another Semester at the University at Buffalo

May 18 marked the final day my assignments were turned in, and I couldn’t have been any happier to end this semester.

It was a crazy ride for me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This COVID-19 pandemic has been quite the interesting plot twist in 2020. Sadly, we lost nearly 100,000 lives to coronavirus in the US, and many more worldwide. Some countries are just getting started in the fight against it. In the midst of this, I was one of many people transitioning from in-class studies to distance learning. It was tough for me at first, mostly due to having my 17-year-old autistic daughter at my home with me while trying to focus on my courses. Added to this was some mental issues I dealt with, and worrying about my mother in Florida that had a heart attack, with the possibility of major surgery. She survived with only getting stents. Taking these classes in quarantine is a whole new level of independent study. Below are this semester’s results.

April was the toughest but I made it in the end with a little help from my instructors. Needless to say, I added four more “A”s to my GPA. Many of my papers for AMS 100 were tough to write as my reading comprehension is low. I had to use tools that read the material to me as I read along. Often times I read something three or four times before I can remember what I read. It’s especially difficult when they use big words ( #FunnyNotFunny ). I really enjoyed the material this semester, and was a little sad when I couldn’t be in a class setting to interact with the teacher and other students. I seemed to learn better with others for some reason. Regardless, I did well enough to add a perfect score to my GPA (something I’ve never achieved prior to 2010). I have a couple samples of my work on my school profile page and my YouTube channel:

DMS 211: PLASMA – Creative Gesture assignment

DMS 342: Intermediate Documentary Workshop – Final Project

TH 109: Basic Acting 2 – True West monologue

I had fun doing some of these assignments and projects, but some were just a pain in the neck, literally. I didn’t think I would make it with these assignments, but by the grace of God, He helped me through.

On to the Next Semester!




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