South Buffalo Racing: Corona 500

Since Saturday Night May 2, 2020, around 10:00 pm, South Buffalo, New York feels like the center of a major NASCAR event. Everyone is quarantined so less people on the roadways giving way to those who have cabin fever and the need for speed. I live around Seneca and Stevenson, and for the last 2 days all I have heard was the sounds of crotch rockets and rice burners around the neighborhood. Apparently, there are some people that got cabin fever around here driving wild in the streets.

There doesn’t seem to be much worry my the Buffalo Police, as the activity is non-stop around here. Some people, in Facebook groups, report hearing it all over South Buffalo in zip codes 14210 and 14220. I personally saw one crotch rocket pass right in front of my house at around 9:30 pm on Sunday May 3, 2020.

I haven’t heard anything on the Police Scanner nor the local news about it. When I asked if anyone reporting on it some people got offended asking if I’m a snitch. I laughed, thinking, this person don;t know me so I’ma let it slide. One person commented “Everyone is out riding bc they can literally get away with it. Cant renew your license, can’t get a vehicle registered or inspected. Sooooo people are using this opportunity to get it in lol.”

Another writes, “No one can stop them anyway cops been trying for years lol it’s to big of a movement and it will never stop one year they tried to block everyone in lmfao they only got like 2 cars there’s just to many of them to stop them.”

We have plans to try and make a documentary film on the local culture. If you are interested in being a part of this project let us know.

This is a developing story.


Send tips and footage to


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