Finally got my domain

Great News: Official Domain Purchased

My first Facebook profile pic, 2008.

It took many years to wait for this domain, but I finally registered it without having to pay an expensive price for it. I am officially at and proud of it. I created this site as a WordPress blog initially but found the need to use an official domain name for future professional uses. The “Shawn P Greene” branding of myself has been my the latest development in recreating myself from my other moniker “FUDGE” which was primarily used as my calling card while actively working in radio and music promotions. I have since aligned myself in the film industry, working as an actor, director, writer, producer, and editor. I’ve also acted on stage as an actor. I am currently finishing up my BA in Media Study (Film Production concentration) with a minor in Theater, at University at Buffalo ’22. I created a post on Why I Am Returning to College Now.

Most of my social media accounts are “ShawnPGreene” with the exception of Facebook blocking my access to my account under “Shawn Patrick Greene.” I have switched back to my first Facebook account using my nickname “Shawn Fudge Greene” so I can interact with my friends and family again. Please add me as your friend and follow on that account.

The other Social Media platforms are still using “ShawnPGreene” as my user name. I do have other accounts using the “FUDGE” nickname. I will give you links to them soon in the “About” and “FUDGE” page in this website. In the meantime, I am open to suggestions on what you would like to see from me on this website and my social media accounts. Email:

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