Weekly Podcast Recap: April Fool’s

The Shawn P Greene Show

Weekly Podcast Recap (Mar 28 – Apr 1, 2022)

This week was a jam packed week with the interview I had with David Lewis of Niagara Falls, the Word Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday on April Fool’s Day. Of course I talked about the Will Smith slap on Chris Rock at the Oscars all week.

So much to cover today, might spread it out throughout the week.

A New Day!!

Midweek updates, #WordWednesday and a possible caller, plus I announce my guest for tomorrow.

Today’s special guest is a filmmaker, a mime and a clown (literally). David Lewis of Niagara Falls, NY joins me today. Website: https://www.renhands.net/

April Fool’s Day! #FunFactFriday and promoting FUDGE Awareness Day.



April 1st is our annual awareness and fundraising event we have hosted online since 2015. The idea was to bring awareness to the many productions and events created by FUDGE MALLOY, aka, Shawn Greene. Join me in helping us fund and share information about our past, present and future projects. www.shawnpgreene.com/fudge












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