Weekly Podcast Recap: #BuffaloShooting

At approximately 2:30 pm (ET) in Buffalo, New York, an 18-year-old radicalized White Supremist male went into Tops Supermarket at 1275 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo, NY 14208, and shot 13 people, killing 10, with the intent of killing as many black people as he could, using his modified AR-15. The young male, dressed in tactical gear, streamed it live on his twitch account via a camera attached to his helmet. The stream has since been taken down, but not before several people viewed it and/or downloaded or recorded it. He has been taken into custody, arrested and in the judicial system pending charges and an investigation.

This past weekend I did a couple podcasts on different platforms. Both in response to the Buffalo Shooting that occurred at a Tops Grocery Store in a predominantly black neighborhood on the city’s eastside at 1275 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo, NY 14208.

The first podcast streamed Sunday afternoon May 15, 2022, on my ‘FUDGE.NYFacebook account, as well as, the ‘BuffaloShoutOutYouTube channel and twitter account. This was more focused on my response to the #BuffaloShooting incident that occurred on Saturday May 14, 2022. Later that night I was a guest on my friend and Buffalo native Zaydok’s podcast that he does weekly. Discussing similar thoughts expressed on my response, plus feedback as to what he stated on his show.

The second podcast I streamed Monday morning May 16, 2022, on my normal ‘ShawnPGreene‘ platforms on the YouTube channel, Twitch channel, and Twitter page. This episode I dove deeper into a major issue with the imbalanced resources available in black vs white majority neighborhoods. An issue that has been broadcast in local media all weekend concerning the “food desert” in this neighborhood, referring to the lack for affordable grocery stores in the area.

Here’s my initial response podcast Sunday May 15, 2022 at 3:30 pm:

Here’s my guest spot on Zaydok’s livestream, May 15, 2022 around 10 pm:

Here’s the weekly recap stream from May 16, 2022:


My friend had a hard time getting through this performance at a local Buffalo event.

Later that evening, Justin Bieber performed in Buffalo while on tour, and gave a moment of silence: https://twitter.com/i/events/1526267272771391488

I went to the sight when Joe Biden visited Buffalo on Tuesday May 17, 2022. To watch the #FacebookLive posts, go to main page: #BuffaloShooting


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