Monthly Recap: May 2022

It was an action packed month in May of 2022 for me. Sometimes I forget what was accomplished and what needs to get done. I’m learning time management and organization is the key to keep up with the tasks and remembering to track what has been completed. Rosemarie and I started out the month visiting three bagel shops in Buffalo and reviewing them. I recoded it, but have yet to produce the video. To be continued. 

Rosemarie and I at Bagel Jay’s (May 3, 2022)

My main focus this month was not on my podcast The Shawn P Greene Show, as I decided to scale back my daily broadcasts to a weekly recap on Mondays. I made an exception for the horrific events on May 14th, of the Buffalo Shooting at the Tops Supermarket on Jefferson Ave.

Rosemarie and Moriah after my graduation at UB (May 22, 2022).

My focus was on crossing the finish line of my recent pursuit of my bachelor’s degree I received from the University at Buffalo. One task was getting the cap and gown, tassel, and ropes (one of which I received at the Students Veterans ceremony). Another task was to make sure I had some tickets for anyone that would be interested in attending. I reserved the maximum of six but only two were needed. I’m sure others would have attended the UB Commencement for my group but most people in my church would have had to skip church services since it was on a Sunday morning at 9:30 am. The worship team I play drums for was scheduled that morning but I let them know in advance that I would not be there due to graduation. My family lives in Florida so I wasn’t expecting them to travel up here for this event either.

Guest speakers at a Youth Leaders conference, held at the Sword of the Spirit church in Buffalo (May 21, 2022).

In May, increased my participation in my church life, attending more meetings and developing a new podcast within the church building. I attended a one day Youth Leadership conference in Buffalo, with many great speakers from all over the region. I’ve been asked to accompany other teams to play drums at my church, Bread of Life Church, in South Buffalo. Twice I was prophesied over during my involvement with those worship teams. Something is brewing in the spiritual realm pertaining to me specifically, but I know their is many who are experiencing it. It’s rather exciting, and yet, because of uncertainty of specifics, unnerving at times. Fear or anxious of the unknown. I also returned to the VA Medical Center to get myself checked in both medical and dental areas. All is good so far.

Rosemarie, Moriah and I enjoying the Buffalo/Rochester minor league game, at Frontier Field in “The ROC” (May 30, 2022).

I capped of this month with a visit to Rochester to watch our home team Buffalo Bisons play the Rochester Red Wings yesterday at Frontier Field. Both teams on on top of the Eastern Conference of the International League [minor league baseball]. Buffalo won 7 to 5. As expected, us Bisons fans were the minority in the stands. We patronized in the local food vendors. The burger was good, but the hot dogs were lacking in flavor. Anyway, it was an awesome day at 80 degrees, and a great way to celebrate Memorial Day.

Rochester filmmakers meeting (May 12, 2022).

I’ve been in “The ROC” several times in the past few months attending film industry meetings with their local filmmakers, actors, directors, and tech folk. Both Buffalo and Rochester have very active independent filmmakers. I attend a similar monthly filmmakers meeting in Buffalo. Lots of networking and inspiration comes from both groups. Other events I attended celebrating student life at UB was the DMS Show and the Theater Department Dinner. Great opportunities to see the students and staff one last time before graduation. We also celebrated a good friend, Vivian Robinson, who was cast on the TBS TV show, Rat In The Kitchen. Vivian hosted the premiere viewing at her church, Spirit of Truth Urban Ministries, in LoveJoy. My main focus now is the planning and executing the 2022 Great Lakes Christian Film Festival, set for September 8 – 10, 2022.

More photos from May 2022:

NCCC Film & Animation Festival in Sanborn, NY (May 7, 2022).

UB’s Theater Department graduation dinner at Banchetti By Rizzo’s in Getzville (May 9, 2022).

UB’s Student DMS Show in the Center for the Arts (May 16, 2022).

Celebrating Vivian Robinson’s TV debut on TBS at her church (May 19, 2022).





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